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5 Steps to Grabbing An Employer's Attention in 20 Seconds

October 1, 2023 Blog

If you’re looking for a job or a new job, it will behoove you to grab an employer’s attention in less than 30 seconds. Companies can receive 200 or more resumes for one job posting. It’s your job to stand out from the other potential candidates. Your resume is the key to grabbing an employer’s attention. What makes you unique? How can you be an asset to the company? Follow the steps below, and you’ll get your dream job!

5 Steps to Grabbing An Employer’s Attention in 20 Seconds

Name your resume using your name. You want an employer to remember your name. When you name you resume, name it Jane Smith_Resume.doc or Jane Smith_Resume.docx or whatever extension is acceptable. Remember, names like Smith, Jones, Harrison, and others are common. It’s you job to make sure you ‘grab’ an employer’s attention so you may want to use your middle initial.

Name your resume using the job title. If you’re applying for a Technical Writer job, name your resume, Jane Smith_Technical Writer.doc or whatever job you’re applying for.

Name your resume with a date. Your resume will change as you change jobs or take on added responsibilities. Name your resume Jane Smith_February 2011.doc to show that your resume is up-to-date.

Name your resume with a branding statement. Use a branding statement to stand out from the crowd. If you’re applying for an accounting position, name your resume, Jane Smith_Numbers Guru.doc, Jane Smith_Analytical Guru, or Jane Smith_Year-End Audit Guru.doc. Be creative with your branding statement but make sure it’s appropriate.

Name your resume with a funny statement. You can get away with this if you’re applying for a creative job in fields such as advertising and marketing. For example, you could name your resume, Jane Smith_2010 Winner Georgia Peach Pie Baking Contest. Be creative, but make sure your creativity will be appreciated.

Your resume is the chance you have to make a great first impression. Make sure your resume is up-to-date and accurate. Use a font that is easy on the eyes. Keep your resume to one page if you can; use two pages when necessary. Remember, an employer and or recruiter can receive 300 or more resumes for one job. You can stand out from the crowd by naming your resume with a ‘catchy’ title. This could be the difference between receiving a job offer and standing in the unemployment line.

Source by Amandah T. Blackwell