Atlanta Parks and Recreation Jobs

October 1, 2023 Blog

National magazines claim Atlanta to be the best place to live, work and play. Atlanta offers employment opportunities in the parks, recreation and natural resources sector. In the metro area alone, population has grown in the past decade from 2.9 million to 4.1 million people, that is nearly 40%. Atlanta parks and recreation jobs are increasing in numbers as well. The Greater Atlanta Department of Parks and Recreation has 12 districts.

In 2005, Atlanta accepted the proposed the Atlanta Belt Line redevelopment plan. This plan will create 30,000 new jobs in the Atlanta area during the next 20-25 years. The plan will connect the city’s parks and recreation facilities with a new infrastructure which will meet or exceed the demands of the excepted growth into the greater and the downtown area. This plan will have a positive impact on the Greater Atlanta area as well as Atlanta parks and recreation jobs.

Recreation is diverse, to say the least. Atlanta parks and recreation jobs are too. From Zoo Atlanta, to Grant Park, there is a diverse need for talented individuals. Coan Park and Recreation facilities offer activities and therapy for children with special needs. Positions here range from Program Assistant to Speech Therapy. Physical rehabilitation requires specialized training and provides a rewarding career. Helping others can be an enriching livelihood.

There are literally hundreds of Parks in the area. Many theme parks, such as Six Flags over Georgia, White Water and American Adventures, offer employment opportunities, such as Amusement Park Operator Life Guard, and Concert Promoter. They offer positions across the spectrum from health care needs to security providers.

Just ten minutes from downtown, The Bobby Jones Golf Course, with its champion Bermuda greens, rests in the heart of Buckhead. Nearby is the Bitsy Grant Tennis court, offering many recreation jobs. These types of parks offer positions in Tennis Training Instructors, Tour Guides and Service Staff.

Many parks, such as Piedmont, Southside, Anderson, and Freedom Park offer several types of venues for recreational activities and events. These types of parks need professionals like, Social Directors, Youth Counselors, Festival Directors and Facility Managers. They also have a demand for Foresters and Forest Rangers as well as Fish & Game Wardens.

Atlanta parks and recreation facilities provide the industry with Club House Managers, Food Service Assistants, Health Club Managers and Hotel/Resort Managers and Guest Services Staff. Many of the parks offer stadiums and playing fields for sporting events. These parks offer positions such as Referee, Score Keeper, Grounds Keeper, Maintenance and Concession Stand Attendants.

Atlanta parks and recreation jobs will begin to expand in the near future. The Atlanta Belt Line redevelopment plan will create 30,000 new jobs in the Atlanta area during the next two decades. The plan will set the stage for new facilities and a new infrastructure which will foster cultural growth into the greater and the downtown area. Within Atlanta’s 12 Districts there is a wide range of employment opportunities.

Source by Gary Pearson