Importance of Having a Perfect Resume and Hiring a Resume Writing Service

[ad_1]A resume, CV or curriculum vitae is a document that contains the details of one's education, professional qualification, experience and skills set. Resume is an alternate word for CV, which

Illegal Immigration Law and Your Duties As an Employer

[ad_1]Obviously, by now every business in this country knows that it is illegal to hire an illegal alien, that is to say someone who is in our country without permission, doesn't have a work visa

Use the Service of CV Writing Companies to Write a Successful CV

[ad_1]Resume or CV is important for a person who is in search of a job. Job searching is the most tedious phase in the life of a person. If you would like to get shortlisted for a job interview,

Surviving Monday

[ad_1]Nobody's favorite day of the week is Monday. But for someone between jobs, Monday can be especially tough.My friend Dana didn't see it coming when the corporation she worked for laid

How To Look Employed, When You're Not, Without Lying - 3 Obnoxious Options

[ad_1]Research, studies, and news stories allege 75% of American resumes inflicted on potential employers, contain lies. Lies about current employment, education, employers, dates, certifications

Signs That a House Needs Painting

[ad_1]If a Georgia property owner knows when to have a fresh coat of paint put on the outside of a house, it can save a lot of money and aggravation. There are several customary signs that appear

Atlanta Parks and Recreation Jobs

[ad_1]National magazines claim Atlanta to be the best place to live, work and play. Atlanta offers employment opportunities in the parks, recreation and natural resources sector. In the metro are