JKSHMYT Smart Weighted Hula Circle Hoop for Adults Weight Loss, Infinity Fitness Hoop, Fit Hoop 4lb Plus Size 60 inch Waist, 32 Detachable Links, Suitable for Women and Beginners

January 27, 2024 Shopping

Price: $17.99 - $15.99
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1. When using a exercise hoop, please keep it steady, and it is best to wear suitable clothes for exercise.
2.Exercise 30 minutes a day, exercise 1-2 times a day.
3. Don’t put the exercise hoop around your neck or other sensitive parts.
4. Not recommended for the elderly.
5. Children should be used with an adult.
6.Pay attention to the gravity ball during exercise and avoid contact with other people or objects.
7.Before use, please adjust the size of the exercise hoop to fit your figure.
【Fit Hoop Plus Size 32 Links】We have increased the detachable part to 32 links, the maximum waist size is 60 inch, and it is also equipped with a 1.1lb standard gravity ball, which makes the overall weight of the extra large exercise hoop reach 4lb.
【High-Quality Materials /Workout Hoop】In the selection of materials, we have chosen high-quality hard ABS plastics, which can effectively prevent the equipment from aging and help prolong the service life.Unlike ordinary hula hoops, this weight loss hoop is more suitable for abdominal and hip exercises.
【Smart Weighted Hoop】This beginner’s exercise hoop is very convenient to use. Even if you have never tried hula hoop exercise, you can easily master it. During exercise, this fitness hoop will wrap around your waist without falling.
【Fitness Hoop for Weight Loss】When used, the fat in the waist, abdomen and buttocks burns quickly. We recommend that you use it for 30 minutes a day to burn about 700 calories.
【Adjustable Size】32 components can be freely removed and stitched, each of which is firmly connected by hooks. Of course, you can also adjust the fitness hoop to fit your waist circumference. (30 inch-60 inch)