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Signs That a House Needs Painting

October 3, 2023 Blog

If a Georgia property owner knows when to have a fresh coat of paint put on the outside of a house, it can save a lot of money and aggravation. There are several customary signs that appear early when a home is in need of attention. Periodic inspection should be part of a preventive maintenance routine on any building with a painted exterior.

One of the earliest signs that a house is in need of a paint job is the condition of the exterior itself. Most Georgia homes have one side that gets more exposure than the rest. Contact with the elements, such as rain, snow, sleet, wind and sun, increase the wear from weatherization. Typically, this side of the dwelling will show wear first. Indications are a pale white, chalky appearance that comes off when the fingers rub across it. This is a warning that the paint is breaking down. It is the first caution sign that the house needs to be repainted.

When the breakdown of the covering goes a little longer, there will be thin cracks in the outer coating on the siding and trim. This is a little longer than one would normally want to wait in between repainting. However, no severe damage should have occurred yet. The next point of inspection will be the corner boards and windowsills. They usually get more exposure to water than any other part of the structure. A soft spot in the wood is one the first signs of water damage.

When the paint actually starts to peel from the house, it is a clear indication that resurfacing the home is long past due. At this point, the dwelling will need to be inspected closely for rotting wood and other damage. Peeling allows moisture to get beneath the protective cover and soak into the wood. The longer the exposure to the elements, the bigger the chance for sustained damage. When wood has rotted, its replacement is required prior to repainting the house.

Most painted homes in Georgia need a facelift every five to ten years, even with the best of care. The frequency depends on the competence of the painter, quality of the materials and the number of coats applied. Good quality products and a generous application, along with a knowledgeable painter, will save money through the course of time. Use house painters from Atlanta and the surrounding area, such as Dunwoody, Marietta or Smyrna painting contractors.

The frequency of repeating the process diminishes with proper supplies and application. When professionally done, and a preventive inspection done regularly, a good paint job can add years to the life of the home’s exterior.

Source by Jeremy P Stanfords